Wooded Kingdom Power Moon 11 – Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel – Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Wooded Kingdom Power Moon 11 – Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel – Super Mario Odyssey Guide

The Wooded Kingdom Power Moon 11 – Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel is one of the Power Moons in the Wooded

Wooded Kingdom Moon 64 Super Mario Odyssey – Light the fire

Wooded Kingdom Moon 64 can be tricky if you haven’t already spent a lot of time exploring all of the nooks and crannies in search of the Purple Coins. It requires a spark of flame for the camp fire down at the side of the pond, which you may not know about if you’ve haven’t been everywhere yet. However, if you follow along with our latest Super Mario Odyssey walkthrough you should be able to track down the flame thrower you need to pick up the Power Moon.

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If you haven’t already completed all of the objectives for the Wooded Kingdom, you can check out our longer walkthrough at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDt7LEzgWAM. It doesn’t include the details on how to get Power Moon #64, as we hadn’t done enough thorough exploring at that time, but it does show you how to make it through of the objectives, beat the flower boss and get the Power Moons you need to fly the Odyssey.

You’ll find the prompt to collect the Moon by visiting the pond down at Iron Road: Entrance and it is essentially a native of Luncheon Kingdom next to a pile of sticks talking about needing a fire to cook with. If you’ve already travelled far and wide in Wooded Kingdom then you’ll know that there’s only one place to get fire from and that’s the lone Para Koopa that has been stationed here for flame duties.

However, he’s pretty isolated, so you may not have come across him as of yet, but you can find him by warping on over to the Iron Mountain Path, Station 8 flag and jumping over the side. You should be able to follow along with this with our video to be able to see him and then it’s just a case of capturing him and travelling down the steps with his epic bouncing jump.

When you get back to the pond area, it’s just a case of using the Para-Koopa to light the small camp fire next to the Luncheon Kingdom guy.

This will give you Wooded Kingdom Moon 64, which is “Hot, Hot, Hot From The Camp Fire”.

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Super Mario Odyssey Guide Wooded Kingdom Power Moon # 33

Super Mario Odyssey Guide Wooded Kingdom Power Moon # 33

a treasure made from coins

Super Mario Odyssey: Wooded Kingdom (Power Moons 5-15)

Here’s a quick guide for how to find Power Moons 5-15 in the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey!

5. Behind the Rock Wall 0:00
6. Back Way Up the Mountain 0:32
7. Rolling Rock in the Woods 1:03
8. Caught Hopping in the Forest 1:27
9. Thanks for the Charge! 1:48
10. Atop the Tall Tree 1:58
11. Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel 2:28
12. Over the Cliff’s Edge 2:54
13. The Nut ‘Round the Corner 3:39
14. Climb the Cliff to Get the Nut 4:06
15. The Nut in the Red Maze 5:09

Wooded Kingdom Power Moon 29 – Glowing In The Deep Woods