Gran Turismo 4

Gran Turismo 4

Everything you need to know about Gran Turismo 4.

Gran Turismo 4 – Introduction US – PS2

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You can now make any car weigh anything on Gran Turismo 4

0kg car vs earth car

Thanks to Ooper for finding out how to do this, check out how here!

Running to horizon: Enthusia
Car dealership: Gran Turismo 3
Ridge racer 7: Supercruiser
Monochrome Roulette: Enthusia

0:00 start
1:18 science
3:40 messing around

What Made Gran Turismo 4 One Hell of A Game?

Sony’s single longest running franchise at this point (particularly in the wake of the untimely demise of Wipeout) is Gran Turismo. Polyphony Digital’s series of superlative racing sims popularized and pioneered the genre, and achieved record high sales around the world. For years, Gran Turismo games were considered to be the peak of the genre, and the ultimate representation of motorsport and the machines that make it possible, in video games.

Every game was a painstakingly and laboriously crafted love letter to automobiles, with a stunning degree of authenticity and attention to detail that was, frankly, absurd (in the best ways possible). The original Gran Turismo set the stage for this, and then its sequels continued to up the ante, becoming bigger and better, and somehow in the process, still more detailed and authentic.

Gran Turismo 4 — Gameplay (PS2)

Gran Turismo 4 gameplay on PlayStation 2.

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