Original Xbox Dashboard Now Available on Xbox Series X|S

Original Xbox Dashboard Now Available on Xbox Series X|S

The original Xbox dashboard animation is now a dynamic background for the Xbox Series X|S.

How to get Original Xbox dashboard background on Xbox Series S!


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How to get Original Xbox dashboard background on Xbox Series S!

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Xbox Updates “My Games & Apps” Again – Xbox Insiders Alpha Dashboard Preview

Xbox Updates “My Games & Apps” Again – Xbox Insiders Alpha Dashboard Preview

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Xbox Series X Dashboard Demo!

The Xbox Series X is a console that introduced the fluent UI dashboard, which is also included on the Xbox One lineup now. Here’s a video demonstrating this dashboard in the present era.

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Xbox Dashboard Evolution 2001-2022 (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, One, Series X)

With the new Xbox Series X and Series S being out for a while it’s time to look back at the evolution of Xbox Dashboards. From the original Xbox dashboard, to the Xbox 360 blades, or the Xbox 360 NxE, over to the Series X dashboard in 2022. The Xbox dashboard has changed many times over the years.

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